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Shop for your Wedding Churas, Kalires and Shoes from Saluja Punjabi Jutti..

About Us

Punjabi culture is said to be the oldest and richest culture in the history of cultures worldwide. The main areas that attract people from different areas of the world towards this culture is the Punjabi food, Bhangra music, Bhangra dance, festivals and wedding traditions & ceremonies. Punjabi weddings are incomplete without local songs called boliyan, loud Bhangra music, dance, a variety of Punjabi food & of-course beautiful dresses and makeup. A Punjabi bride starts the preparation months before the wedding. There are many bridal accessories she has to carefully shop for, and it can be exhausting to stroll from one market to another, one shop to another. It's better to shop online, to cut down all the hassles and explore a variety from the comfort of home. Saluja Punjabi Jutti started in 2003, is your one stop shop for Women Khussa Shoes, Women Punjabi Jutti, Indian Beaded Shoes, and Punjabi Jutti Ladies Accessories. Apart from Juttis and Khussa Shoes, the Manufacturer & Exporter can meet your Wedding Bridal Products need, starting from Wedding Bridal Bangles, Personalized Name Bangles, Churas to Kalires. The churas are available in red, maroon pink and magenta colors, and in all sizes such as 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.10, 2.12 and 2.14. The Khussa shoes are available in bright colors, sizes, ranging from 5 to 9 Indian , 3 to 9 UK, 36 to 44 EUR, 6 to 11 USA, as well as widths, ranging from slim, narrow, medium, wide to double wide.

Besides, we have a second firm Shahi Handicrafts which was established in 2009. Here, we offer wedding dresses on rental basis and we export Bridal Chura & Kalira. Explore the collection today and get your products delivered to your doorsteps within few days of order placement. 

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